Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Eggs?

I know, Easter is over but I thought I would share a burst of craftiness. I lovingly call this “Family Night Flop.” I saw this cute idea on a fun blog (click for details) and thought I would try it for Family Night.

(Getting Started)

Scott wanted to know how the candy would get inside the egg. Brittany had homework but came to check our progress occasionally. Zane was busy with his cars. However, Morgan patiently waited while I dug out some fabric scraps and cut them to fit the eggs. Then she rolled up her sleeves and prepared to get messy.
After one egg I realized this was not as simple as it looked. I tried a couple on my own and still could not get the fabric to lay smooth on the egg. We gave up and went to bed.

(The green one looked okay but the others looked BAD.)

After a few days, with the undecorated eggs still sitting on my table, I came up with an alternative. (I do not like to be defeated.) I cut my fabric into small pieces (square-ish) and, in true modge-podge fashion, we covered the eggs. The fabric stuck much better and we ended up with a cute basket of decorated eggs. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and then Morgan’s friend came over to play and asked how I was going to get the candy inside the egg. Humm. . . nobody appreciates art these days.

I think I will continue to use the festive center piece the rest of the month and then tuck it away until next year.

(PS – I am getting out my sewing machine to try my hand at some more craftiness. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Commute

(A poem written for my husband.)

Leave before the sun awakes
Little car – needs new brakes

Boiled egg and a Poptart
This can’t be good for my heart

Work all day in the cold
Ride my horse before I get too old

Head for home – first fill’er up
Man, I sure miss my pick-up

Nothing on the radio
I really hope it doesn’t snow

Must be home – car comes to a stop
Just in time ‘cause there’s a raindrop

Horse and dog have been fed
Where’s my dinner and my bed