Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving In

I used to think moving to a new home was exciting. Now, it just seems like a lot of work. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe we have too much stuff! We managed to clean 2 homes and move all of our stuff in less than 2 weeks. Not bad for a couple of old people and 2 young children. :)

Our new home needs a little TLC. We have been scrubbing and weeding and when we return from vacation we will be caulking and painting. Hopefully we will be here next summer so we can try planting things in the garden spot and flower beds.

Morgan and Zane are loving being able to play outside! They catch bugs, ride their bikes down the hill, and watch the geese land on the... pond.

They also love having their own rooms. It was time! It was kinda sad to see the bunkbeds come apart. My favorite time of day is bedtime. The kids would lay in their beds and say good night to each other. Sometimes they would talk for a minute and then I would hear a sweet little "I love you" from each of them. It always made the day good, no matter what else had happened. I was afraid that ritual would end being in their own rooms. Then, last night, with a wall seperating them, they said their good nights and I love yous. Melted my heart.

Unpacking is like putting together a puzzle. It takes time to make it all fit right. So here are some pictures of this work-in-process.

Zane's own messy room.

Morgan's own messy room. (She still helps Zane clean his at the end of the day.)

A wood stove that reminds me of the one my grandpa had. (We do love good, old fashioned wood heat.)

A cool phone mounted on the wall by the front door. Zane thinks it's a cell phone.
They have had SO much fun pretending to call friends and family on this phone.

And one organized corner in the kitchen. It didn't stay that way long. The mixer wouldn't fit on the other counter so things had to be rearranged. (The puzzle pieces were mixed up.)

And yes, painting the kitchen is at the top of my list.

My favorite... it is SO quiet! No trains. No dogs barking. No motorcycle races around the house. We don't even hear the traffic on the road.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And...We're Off!

Living in Nebraska, in a manufactured home, has been a little nerve-racking at times. When a "real" house opened up across from the feedlot, Scott didn't hesitate to request a transfer. It's an older house but bigger and definitely more sturdy.

So. Here we go again. (I really hope we don't make moving a summer tradition.) Thankfully it's just the home location that is changing this time. And thankfully the kids are a little older and a little more help. Morgan packed two boxes of food from the pantry. Scott could barely lift them but she was so pleased with herself.

Morgan & Zane are excited to be moving into a bigger house. Their bedrooms are right next to each other so they will be "neighbors." They were actually glad to see the bunk beds come apart.

On the wall at the new house is an old, yellow phone. It's a push button dial but it's still old. (Probably the first push button phone invented.) The kids have had fun pretending to call all their family and friends on that phone. (Yes Brit, you have been called from the yellow phone.) Last night Zane said, "I can't believe we have a cell phone on the wall of our new house, that doesn't even work!" He seems to think all phones are cell phones.

I spent last week cleaning and doing a little painting. Saturday we moved a load of stuff over and Scott is anxious for me to pack more boxes for him to move. If only we could put LIFE on hold while we are packing. Unfortunately, there is still laundry, and dishes, and grocery shopping, and all the necessities of living that must be done as well. And it's the end of the 2nd quarter so I have more work to do. (Payroll reports must be filed before my office can be moved.)

We have to get everything moved so we can go on vacation to Grandma's house. Sometimes it helps to have a deadline and a reward to motivate you.