Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I have those boots when you're done with them?

One of the joys of raising children on a budget is hand-me-downs. When I was a kid I loved getting a box of clothes from my cousin. It was better than shopping!

Being the youngest, Zane has received some hand-me-downs from his sister. My favorite is the fuzzy kitty-print jammies with the pink trim. (He looks so cute in them!) His favorite was the pink Hello Kitty snow boots. (Notice I said WAS.) I’m sure many of you have seen him in them.

A couple weeks ago I was taking the girls to school and got a call from my friend who owns a local preschool and daycare. She needed help as soon as possible. Fortunately, I had gotten dressed that morning and actually dressed Zane as well.

When we got to the preschool I realized Zane was wearing his snow boots and we did not have any other shoes. He had no choice but to wear boots all day. After quiet time, the kids were putting their shoes back on. Another boy noticed Zane’s boots and started teasing him about wearing girl boots. Zane didn’t respond to him and hurried off to play.

I was thinking my son was made of steel. He didn’t care what others think. But for the first time in his life he is now requesting “boy” clothes and shoes. The pink boots that he loved so dearly are no longer appropriate. He asked me to buy him “boy” snow boots. Now, when he is getting dressed in the morning he will point out that he is wearing a “boy” shirt. I guess that is the end of pink hand-me-downs. However, I do love my BOY!

Friday, March 26, 2010


(I had to promise not to post any pictures of Brittany this week so, sorry this is all words.)

We knew the tonsils needed to come out but when the doctor started describing the puss pockets and fungus growth Brit almost begged him to take them right then. We made it until Monday though and checked in for surgery at 11:00.

Just after noon they were wheeling her back for her turn. She was fighting back the tears and I was thankful for a wonderful friend who kept Zane and Morgan for me that day. I hung out in the waiting room, reading my book. My stomach had just started to growl and I realized my 7:30 breakfast was a long time ago. I took out my granola bar and took one bite when the nurse came and asked if I was with Brittany. (She didn’t believe I was the mom. She just kept saying “I don’t believe it” and “Can’t be” which made me feel really young.)

Brit was just waking up and was struggling to breathe. Not sure if she was panicking or having an asthma attack. I tried to calm her down and the nurse kept telling her to slow down her breathing. The room was warm and there were weird smells and my stomach was growling. Then my head started spinning and the tunnel vision came. I tried to hold on but finally had to squat at the end of the bed before I completely passed out. Two nurses escorted me out and promised to take care of Brit. I got my own chair in the recovery room and as much juice as I could drink.

Finally, they brought Brit out to sit next to me. She snoozed a little and moaned a lot. Then they finally let us leave. (We were the last ones and I think they wanted to mop up and go home.)

Brit has really done very well. The heavy pain medicine makes her sick and makes her sleepy too so she doesn’t like it. After the first couple days she has just taken Tylenol for the pain. We have all eaten lots of ice cream, milkshakes, and Jell-O this week. And we have watched more movies than I ever thought possible.

Not exactly how we had hoped to spend our Spring Break but glad it’s done.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hooray for Brittany!

Last month Brittany called me one day after school to tell me the following day a competition for BPA (Business Professionals of America) was being held in Pocatello. She forgot she had joined the group but signed up for some of the computer contests ‘cause, who can pass up an excused day from school.

Brittany didn’t expect to do very well but ended up qualifying for the state competition. She was the only one from her school to qualify and go. So, she spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Boise with her teacher advisor.

She called after her word processing event very depressed. Almost in tears she asked me what a mail merge is. She had to skip that part because she had no idea what that it was. I tried to cheer her up and told her to just enjoy the rest of her “vacation” in Boise.

The next day was awards and she called me again, almost in tears. She ended up taking first place! Evidently no one else knew what a mail merge was either.

So, now she is trying to figure out how to get to nationals in California in May. (Fund raisers are not our favorite thing.)

Go Brittany, my Future Business Professional of America!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I feel liberated!

I cleaned out my shoes today. I know, it seems silly, but it felt really good to toss several pairs of worn out shoes in the trash.

I have a pile that I just don’t wear any more to send to DI. (Yes, it’s true. I don’t wear those white pumps anymore.)

I only kept about 22 pairs (not including flip flops and slippers) and stacked them neatly in my closet. It looks so nice – until the kids play dress up again. (Honestly, I think Zane just likes the noise the shoes make.)

I have been in a cleaning, de-clutter mood. My house is a disaster because I have been pulling stuff out of all the hidden corners and I have a huge pile of stuff in my garage that is ready for DI. It is amazing how quickly we accumulate STUFF!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Primary Birthday Gifts

We debated about what to do for birthday gifts for the Primary kids this year. Candy seemed to cause problems, pencils were fun, but a picture of Christ fit the theme best. I couldn’t do just a picture.

So, I have been sanding and painting blocks to create these:

On the front is a picture of Christ and on the back is the theme and scripture for this year. (Only a few splinters and I have finally mastered the art of modge podge.)

They look so cute sitting on a dresser!