Monday, November 29, 2010

It's about time!

So, we've been a little busy this month. I finished unpacking boxes and sorting stuff for storage to make room for Brittany & Levi to come for a visit. It was the highlight of the month to have them here!

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house and Scott invited the new guy from work to join us. (He has no family nearby.) We started off the day with no water but the problem was quickly resolved. I had to readjust my time-line a bit, but we had a fabulous dinner. (Best turkey I have ever cooked!) And having Brittany here made it feel like it was home. (Having water problems made it feel like home in Idaho.)

We showed Brittany & Levi all the sights of the town, including a shopping trip to Cabela's. And we made it to the theater to watch the new movie Tangled which all the kids LOVED. (The dog-horse cracked me up!) Now I am kicking myself because I took NO pictures while they were here. It's just too hard to do everything and take pictures too, I guess.

I REALLY wish I had my camera at the Chinese restaurant to capture the look on the Chinese lady's face. She asked Scott if Levi was his son. Scott told her no and pointed to Brittany and explained she was his daughter. The poor lady was so confused!

I did find time to get reacquainted with my sewing machine this month...

I made Zane clothes for the wedding. (Check out that faux welt pocket with kerchief.) The hardest part was remembering how to use my buttonhole attachment and tweaking the pants pattern to fit. (I was very thankful for all those hours I spent sewing with my mother when I was young!)

I finally made Zane a turkey shirt for the big day. We never did find the box of felt scraps to make the dangle thing for the turkey. But, Zane still loved his shirt

Since I had the machine warmed up, I whipped out a skirt for Morgan to wear this summer. It was a little longer than I wanted but we will wait until summer to adjust. (This girl might just surprise us and grow. I'm hoping!)

By now the machine was smokin' hot so I finished a project I started some time ago. I made a pillow (kinda ugly, I know) for my couch. I'm still browsing the second-hand stores to find just the right sweater to make the pillow I want. (This was more of a practice run.)

Then, I took a break from sewing to do a Super Saturday project. Morgan was surprised when I hung it on her wall. "For me?" she asked. (It wasn't even her birthday.)

The tornado continues to swirl as we head into the month of December. (Is the end of the year really here?) I have Christmas cards to write and a wedding to prepare for. (Thankfully the Christmas shopping is done - I love cyber shopping!) We are praying that winter will take a break in mid-December so we can travel to Utah and Idaho for the big event.

Happy Christmas Season!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dinner Time

I used to make Cheese Manicotti often. Then my husband said, "Where's the meat?" That was the end of that. Until, the other day when I was browsing one of my favorite blogs and saw this recipe for Chicken Manicotti. I knew I had to try it!

Everyone liked it! My kids are not fans of stuffing so I was leery. (Scott and I have, more than once, eaten an entire meal of just stuffing.) But the kids really did like it.

So, if you want to try a super easy, super yummy, Chicken Manicotti click HERE. I can't wait to have some left-over turkey to try next time.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

{First Snow}

The kids were so excited to see snow, finally! Getting ready for school this morning Morgan said, "It's a good thing you set out my boots for me to wear today. You're so smart!" I didn't tell her I watched the weather report last night.

All morning Zane begged me to help him build a snowman. We rounded up boots and hats and mittens and headed out into the wet, drizzle of falling snow. The snow is so wet and heavy so it packed together real well.

The little guy looks so handsome in Grandma's hat and scarf! Zane insisted on a carrot nose and a cookie mouth.

The hardest part about building sand castles in the snow is getting the bucket off with the mittens on.


And the day wouldn't be complete without a few snow angles.

It's just that kind of day!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We had preschool at our house this week and the kids came dressed up on Wednesday. They all looked so cute but it was hard to get them to stand still long enough to snap a picture.

(Not sure what Strawberry Shortcake was saying.)

We learned about the letter "G" and made paper ghosts.

Saturday we went to a fabulous carnival / dinner / Trunk-or-Treat at the church.

There was fun with balloons.

The ever popular cupcake walk.

This is serious stuff. It takes concentration to land on the winning spot.

The costume parade and judging.

We LOVE Trunk-or-Treat!
(I tried to get Zane to wear different shoes but he insisted on the boots.)

I bought the cheerleader costume on clearance last year and Morgan has been eager to try it out. (She told me I am the best Mom ever. Love it when I can make my kids happy.)

Even Dad joined us in the festivities. (The cat face was made by Zane.)

And Zane HAD to take a picture too... beautiful cheerleader, creepy cat, and one scary looking mom.

Happy Halloween!