Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CTR Baptism Towel

I found time to be crafty! My sister-in-law made these adorable baptism towels and I just had to try it too. (Click here to see her tutorial if you want to see how.) I wanted to make them for all of my Primary kids getting baptized but our move put an end to that. So, we picked one special girl to make one for.

I did a couple things different. I stitched the CTR shield onto purple before stitching it to the towel. I liked the contrast. I also did a satin stitch instead of straight stitch.

Then we rolled it up and tied it with a bow to send to Morgan's friend who will be getting baptized in a couple weeks. It turned out so cute!
(I also abridged the poem. The other one just went on too long.)

Now I am in the crafting mood. What to do next?

Friday, September 24, 2010

{Preschool Fun}

Zane is loving preschool! He wasn't too sure but after the first day he was hooked. There are 5 of us in the group and we rotate homes each week. It is such a great opportunity for the kids to learn the basics they need for kindergarten. Not just ABC's and 123's but also how to be friends. I love preschool too!

A is for apple.

Zane also loved the ant they made. We are waiting for our egg carton to empty so we can make an entire ant family.

This week was at our house. They are the sweetest group of kids! Zane is the only boy but doesn't seem to mind.

B is for butterfly.

Time for a Haircut!

Morgan likes her hair long. Dad likes her hair long. Mom thinks long hair is too much work. Morgan has never been one to really let me do much with her hair and some days it's a fight just to get it brushed. But the time has come, the hair is too long!

I took this picture on school picture day. I needed proof for Dad that I really do fix her hair before sending her out the door. (Even though her school pictures don't look like it.)

I am not a professional and after a half hour of chopping Morgan was done sitting. I had to keep going back and forth to get both sides fairly close to the same length. I didn't want to go too short, just in case we had to seek professional help. (Grandma we REALLY miss you!)

It's not perfect but it does look better. The back of her hair has some wave to it and the rest is straight. That makes it tricky to get it to look even too. Maybe I just need more practice...

Primary Activity

We had a GREAT Primary activity on September 11th. They set up stations and had activities that were related to scriptures. (I wish I could remember all of the scriptures they used.) Most of the activities had to do with water also.

The kids were so excited and asked me all morning if it was time to go. When it was finally time, Zane put on his swim things and Morgan suddenly decided she didn't want to get wet. (As we were driving in she asked if the boys from her class would be there... I am so not ready for this. She is only in 2nd grade!)

Morgan was a little shy at first but then she got in there and even ran with the boys.

Zane LOVED the water balloon race! He also LOVED popping the water balloons.

The "Tree of Life" was a big hit! Donuts hanging on strings... we need one of these in our back yard. Zane said, "I can't use my hands to eat it?"

Yeah, right! He plucked it off and chowed down.

Zane's friend chased hers in a circle for a full minute before she finally caught it. It was so cute!

Beach ball volleyball was a bit of a challenge. And the wind wouldn't cooperate either but it was still fun.

The tug-o-war (over a sprinkler) was great! Morgan got a little bit wet on this one. But it was okay 'cause her clothes dried fast.

Zane's most favorite was the water guns. The kids had to use a water gun to extinguish the flame of a candle. (I didn't get pictures of this one. I think I was talking.)

We finished off with hot dogs and of course, more donuts. What a great day!

Labor Day

(I know, I'm a little behind again. I'm trying to catch up!)

Scott had to work Labor Day weekend so we made no plans to go any where. We just hoped we could grill some burgers and enjoy the afternoon together.

For some reason Zane had it in his mind that we needed to go camping. (Maybe someone said something at church, I don't know.) When we explained we would not be going camping he wanted the tent set up in the living room.

"Please set up the tent! Please, please, please!" How can I say no to that adorable face?

The kids went to get their blankets and Dad hid in the tent. Surprise!

All cozy in the tent! Zane likes to snuggle so this is his favorite. Morgan prefers to have her space but she is so good to sleep in the tent with her brother.

Maybe someday we can go "real" camping again. Until then, this will do.

Birthday Continued (oops)

I knew I had taken more pictures of the kids birthdays... just didn't get them downloaded with the rest. Oops! So this is more for my sake but if you want to see, here are a few more birthday shots.

Morgan used some of her birthday money to buy a Zhu Zhu pet and we also got her one. She was thrilled! The more the better! (Both sleep with her in a little cage on her bed.)

And another Pet Shop bunny for her collection. (I think she will be a vet when she grows up 'cause she LOVES animals, except for small barking dogs.)

Zane picked out the bowling set & I made him wait until his birthday to open it. He still acted so surprised! What a funny kid. Our long kitchen/dining area make the perfect bowling lane.

I just love this one!

One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday {Morgan}

August 22nd was Morgan's birthday. (I think it's funny that she started 2nd grade being only 6 years old. She isn't the youngest in her class though. The shortest but not the youngest.)

My baby girl is 7! That just blows me away! (I really need to teach her how to tie her own shoes.)

Again, we kept the cake simple with a little cake for her and cupcakes. We barely had room for all the candles!

Morgan wanted to open her presents before church but I made her wait. I made her wait until after lunch and after Dad came home from work. It was hard but she made it.!

And then I made her wait while I took a bunch of pictures.

Zane wanted to help her, like she had helped him. She was not thrilled about that. Again, he kindly reminded her that he is 4 now so he is big. She's not buying it. He will always be her baby brother.

The best part of her birthday... talking to Brittany and then to her friends in AF on the phone. She was so thrilled when I handed her the phone and said it was for her. This picture cracks me up 'cause I can just picture her being a teen and chatting on the phone.

How did she grow up so fast! Happy Birthday Morgan!

School Starts August 18th

Welcome to 2nd grade!

We were totally unprepared for school to start this soon! Luckily we have a Wal-Mart near by and were able to get all of the school supplies. Morgan doesn't worry too much about clothes so she was okay to just wear something from her drawer. (And she is okay with shopping online so the new clothes are coming.)

I went into her room to get her up and she says, "I've been wondering when you were going to wake me up." I'm such a slacker! I thought I would let her sleep till 7:00 since I was taking her to school. I'm so glad she was excited to start school after only a month and a half break.

"Can we go now?" She was ready!

Truthfully, I'm glad it was a short break. We didn't do any "school" work this summer and she forgets things so easy. The first week was a struggle but things are starting to come back. As she struggled with her homework one night I told her it was a review of what she learned in first grade and she wasn't even learning anything new yet. She looked at the numbers on her paper and said, "Oh yeah, I already know how to count to 100. Mrs. Glascock taught me that!" Then she quickly finished writing the numbers. Once she knew it was something she had already learned she was ok.

Her biggest fears: Will my teacher be nice and who will be my friend
(Her teacher is nice and she has made lots of friends!)

Her favorite part about 2nd grade: I have my own locker like Brittany did and RECESS, of course.

Happy Birthday {Zane}

Zane's birthday was August 11th.

Zane was a little concerned about how his friends would find his house for the party. We were still in the middle of unpacking and I did not plan on doing a birthday party. (How do you explain that to a soon to be 4 year old?) Our new ward saved the day! The Relief Society had planned a lunch at the park on Zane's birthday. We took cupcakes to share and he thought it was a party for him. Now, when he sees the kids at church he excitedly reminds me that they were at his birthday party.

We started the day with cupcakes! It was Zane's birthday wish.

I kept the cake simple this year and he still loved it.

Morgan was excited too. Being the big sister, she wanted to show him what to do. He very kindly told her he is 4 now so he is big. I had to keep reminding her that he was big enough to take care of himself now.

I shoved a few things into two gift bags and he was in heaven.

I was worried about Zane adjusting to the new home but he loves it here. He has even started sleeping through the night, more than he was before any way. And he is very good at unpacking!

Happy Birthday to my BIG 4 year old!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going, going gone!

After we officially listed our house, it only took about a week to get it sold. I was secretly hoping it wouldn't sell but since Scott had already accepted the job and was leaving I was VERY thankful that it sold so quick.

Scott headed to Nebraska and I started sorting and packing. It took a yard sale, a couple trips to DI and donations to friends and neighbors but I got things thinned down enough to fit in two horse trailers.



(The new room was great for packing and stacking boxes.)


After a long boring ride across Wyoming, we found Nebraska!

Project Complete

I’ve been overwhelmed just thinking about all the posts I need to do and trying to decide where to start. I’ve decided to pick up where I left off. So, if you are wondering about our life in Nebraska you’re gonna have to wait. My brain needs things in order and I just can’t skip ahead.

We were working on converting a garage into a family room. We barely finished it before we started packing. In fact, the first time we showed our house there was no carpet in the new room.

With the help of a great friend, we finished the sheetrock, texture (with a broom), and paint. I love how it all turned out.

And I love the light fixtures. Scott and I argued in Lowes for an hour before we agreed on these.

Since we needed carpet ASAP, and our room was 13 feet wide, we went with the Berber that was in stock. Love the look of the carpet but not how easy the edges fray. (If we had stayed, I would do something different with the steps into the room.)

We decided to do a natural wood trim around the door and window. I wanted to do a baseboard also but Scott was leaving to start the new job and it was time to start packing so he was done working on it.

Some things I would have done different but overall I was very pleased with how it all turned out. I also learned that remodeling is not something my husband enjoys. After 3 1/2 years the project is done, our marriage has survived, and a sweet young family is enjoying an awesome new family room!