Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Week of {Thanks}

A few days before Thanksgiving, Zane saw a picture of a turkey saying, "Eat Pizza!" Getting ready for bed Thanksgiving night he said, "We forgot to say that before we ate!"

It was a rough week for us. Morgan had the flu the week before which, naturally for her, ended with tonsillitis this week. The flu bug got Zane Sunday night and Scott Monday night. I was THANKFUL we had plans to have dinner with some friends in town, THANKFUL we weren't travelling far, and THANKFUL I didn't have to cook a turkey.

Wednesday we spent the morning running around and got Morgan into the doctor's office just before they closed for the holiday. I was THANKFUL for modern medicine and THANKFUL it only took 45 minutes to get the prescription filled.

We barely made it home before the flu bug knocked me down. I was THANKFUL for my husband and my wonderful secretary who finished up with the dinner deliveries. And honestly, I was THANKFUL for a moment to rest.

Scott made dinner for the kids. Zane promptly threw up that wonderful dinner. My time of rest was over. I was THANKFUL my stomach was empty as I cleaned up the mess and Scott bathed Zane.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling better but wishing my pies had baked themselves. We made it to our friend's house just in time to enjoy a wonderful afternoon with good food and good friends. The kids filled their tummies and played nicely. I was THANKFUL for friends, family, and an abundance of blessings!

Friday we ate pizza for dinner. Just for Zane. And the turkeys.

Is it Patriots or Pioneers?

(I know I'm a little behind... My new calling has kept me busier than I ever imagined. But that's okay. I love to be of service and I have had the opportunity to involve my kids too.)

For a few weeks before Veteran's Day, Morgan would come home from school singing her program songs. She had a few questions as she tried to understand what a Veteran is. The most confusing for her was understanding how a Patriot is different from a Pioneer.

Zane loved the HUGE flag! He took a million pictures of it as we waited for the program to start. This was his favorite one with a pink hue.

All the kids did a great job. A few of Morgan's friends sang solo parts and did fabulous! The kids all had little speaking parts that they memorized. I was impressed!

Scott was waiting for a cattle truck so we had to sit towards the back which made it tricky to get any good pictures. I did 3 movies and all of them have choppy sound so I probably won't share them. Just as Morgan stood at the microphone to say her part a guy stood up to take his baby out and walked right in front of my camera. We could hear her but couldn't see her. Boo.

"We would rather die on our feet than live on our knees." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On This Date in History...

I wasn't really sure I was in labor. It was still almost 2 weeks before my due date and 2 days earlier the doctor said the baby was not ready. I showered, ate some breakfast, and then called the nurse. She said go get checked at the hospital. No big deal.

I packed a bag, just in case. My little sister didn't have school so I made her come with me. (She wasn't even 14 years old yet so I'm not sure what she could have done, but at least I wasn't alone.) As I drove I would come to a stop sign and have a contraction. Another contraction hit as we came to a red light. By the time I parked the car, in visitor parking, the contractions were coming fast and furious. I had to sit on the stairs that led to the lower parking lot and wait out a contraction. When I got to the admitting desk they said sign here and get into this wheelchair.

My mom barely made it to the hospital before Brittany was born. My sister wished she had school. (She vowed she would never have children.) And Brittany was born in time for lunch.

My little Brit was anxious to see the world!

It's amazing that they enter the world so small and helpless! Then, in what feels like the blink of an eye, they're all grown up and getting married.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Brittany!
(Thank you for letting me practice my parenting skills on you.)

Family Night

"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another."
Mosiah 18:21

For Family Home Evening we had a lesson on unity. We had a good discussion (Morgan asked lots of questions and gave a good example of people working together to build a house) and then we worked together to make a yummy dessert.

As we worked, their hearts were truly "knit together in unity and in love" and they helped each other make delicious mini chocolate pies. It was a SWEET night!

Hopefully they will always remember...