Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random Thought

I had an interesting thought when a little killdeer woke me up at 2:30 this morning. She was very upset that the neighbor’s cat was near her nest. As she chirped, very loudly, for more than 20 minutes (which didn’t seem to bother the cat) I wondered if she would ever realize that all of her complaining was getting her no where.

The thought came to me that we can be like this little bird and whine and complain when we don’t like what is happening around us. Or, we can be like my husband and get up and do something to make a difference. It was the throwing of rocks that made the cat leave, not the protesting of the bird. Just complaining about problems doesn’t fix them. We need to be willing to stand up and make a difference. Throwing rocks won’t always be the answer. However, if we see something that needs to be done then we need to do it.
One person can make a difference.

Monday, May 17, 2010

{Time 4 A Change}

At first I was excited. You only live once so why not get out and experience life – see the world. Then fear started to overcome me as I began to worry about all that would change. I stressed about all that I have to do to make this work. I stressed about how my children would handle the change. I stressed about how much money it will cost!

Then we went to stake conference yesterday and listened to our prophet speak. I don’t know what others heard but I heard him say we should not fear when we are on the Lord’s side. So I am trying to let go of my fears and put my faith in the Lord. If this is what we are supposed to do, then I know it will all work out. Will it be a piece of cake? Probably not. Will there be difficulties? For sure. But a friend of mine once said that nothing easy is ever worth it. We work through the difficulties and learn and grow from our experiences.

So, we are now making preparations to move to Nebraska. While we really don’t want to leave our home here, we have to go to where the job is. The feedlot said they will wait for Scott because they really want him to work there. We have to sell our house first though. Our new family room is almost done and I am trying to get caught up on the spring cleaning.

If you know of anyone wanting to live just outside of American Falls in a great little neighborhood let me know. (Sarah, you could buy our house and not have to build a garage. There is room for a tree house too.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where have you been?

I just realized it has been a while since I posted anything. Either we live a very boring life or man have we been busy.

A lot of my time has been consumed with helping Brit get ready for graduation and college beyond. Because of all the crazy events at the beginning of the year, she was a little behind on getting things done. She had her heart set on going to Utah State but paying full out-of-state tuition was going to make it impossible. I told her to start making a Plan B and she informed me that Utah State was the answer she got when she prayed about where to go and she was determined to make it happen.

A few weeks later she got the letter telling her she had the Deans Scholarship for Utah State. (It covers tuition for 2 years.) She has been applying for other scholarships as well so hopefully we won’t have to borrow very much her first year. Since we were back to Plan A, we had to get her signed up for orientation and housing and meal plans and start looking at classes for the Fall.

Dad watched the little ones so Brit and I could make a trip to Logan. We toured the campus and figured out the housing options. It is a pretty amazing school! (We located the local mall as well.)

I have also been helping Brit get ready for the National BPA competition in California this week. (A big THANKS to all of you who helped make this trip possible for her!) We managed to get all of her stuff packed into one bag to check and one bag to carry on. That was tough! She flew out today and returns on Sunday.

In my spare time I’ve been organizing Primary activities, helping out at a local preschool and daycare, trying to keep Morgan and Zane out of trouble, and trying to keep up with the mess in my house. (I’ve given up on the weeds outside, it’s too cold!) We are also frantically trying to get our family room finished before all the family shows up for graduation.

To make a long story short – we have been busy!