Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bear Lake

When we drove from Nebraska to Logan we would often drive past Bear Lake and go through Logan Canyon. We always thought it looked like a fun place but were too anxious to get to Brittany & Levi's house so, we never stopped. Now that we live close, we had to see if it was as fun as it looked.

We drove around to the south end where there weren't as many people. As we carried everything down to the beach, we wondered if we had picked a good day to come. The sky was overcast and it was a little chilly. We spread out the blanket on the sand and sat and watched a thunder storm roll over the other side of the lake.

Soon, the sun was shining bright and it was time to put the canoe in the water. 

We played for a few hours and grilled some hot dogs for lunch. We fed the seagulls our leftovers and then it was time to pack up and head home. But first, we had to stop and get a famous raspberry milkshake. It was a long line but worth the wait. As we wound our way through the canyon back to Logan, Morgan and Zane both fell asleep. I had to finish Morgan's milkshake for her. Bummer.

This was the BEST DAY EVER!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adventures in Oregon

 We packed up and headed to Oregon...

We drove across Idaho and then through the Blue Mountains...

 And we found Grandma and Grandpa's house! The kids love playing with their cousins and all of Grandma's fun toys! Lloyd's boys showed us some funny video clips and iphone games. But most entertaining was playing with Jack and Jill, the new kittens. 

Zane and Morgan love Grandpa's fun tree house! They figured out how to climb from the playhouse into the actual tree. The first time, Zane couldn't get back down. Morgan came in the house but forgot to tell me he was stuck. He finally came in wiping his eyes and that's when I found out he had been stuck out there. He said he was really scared but then he prayed and was finally able to climb down. He was so happy that his prayer was answered that he wasn't even mad at Morgan for leaving him stranded.

 We had a great time with Scott's family, without him. Cousin Zack graduated from college and is headed to Idaho to teach 5th grade. Woot! Cousin Ali just graduated from high school and is headed to Idaho for college. She is amazing! We're so proud of them both!

Brittany and Levi were able to come over for a few days and it was fun to hang out with them too.

We even managed a visit to Great Grandma!

 While we were there, Scott had flowers delivered to me at my parents house. 
Happy Anniversary!
(It looks like the dalmatian is eating my head. Hummm...)

We also found time to have a picnic at the park with more family and swim with Melinda's kids. Wish we could have stayed longer but so glad we could go. 
Next time, we take Dad with us.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating DAD

I spent the day making cards... Father's Day, graduations, and a wedding card for my sister. It was great to play with paper and scissors for a few hours.

We are cleaning and packing and getting ready for a week in Oregon. This weekend is also Father's Day as well as our anniversary. Too bad Scott has to stay home and work while we go off to play.

For Family Home Evening we decided to celebrate DAD. The kids had cards and gifts and we just showered him with lots of love and attention. It was super fun!

Morgan found a recipe in The Friend magazine that she wanted to try. It was a yummy, salty, sweet Chex mix with pretzels and nuts. It was SO good and it gave Scott a treat to snack on while we're gone.

We love you DAD!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mesa Falls Adventures

We found a great place to enjoy the beautiful mountains, not far from home. We drove to the Upper Mesa Falls and enjoyed the sights there and then we hiked 2 miles to the Lower Mesa Falls.

The day started out a little chilly but by lunch time we were shedding our jackets.

The kids had so much fun! Morgan wanted me to take pictures of all the flowers and plants and animal tracks that we found. She didn't want to forget a single detail of the day.

There was a neat little museum where we learned about some of the wildlife in the area. When we pulled into the park, the ranger reminded us that we were in bear country. Morgan's eyes bugged out. He assured us if we would make some noise on the trail we shouldn't have any problems. I'm sure we made enough noise to scare away any bears. 

It was a beautiful day! We love being back in the mountains, surrounded by trees.