Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fair Time

We're usually in Oregon when our local fair happens. This year we were actually here and decided to take the kids to enjoy the festivities. You have to have fair food at least once a year!

It was SO hot! We started with dinner and then went to the animal barns while we waited for it to cool down a little.

 The kids loved seeing all the animals! Morgan wants to to 4-H rabbits next year. Scott was encouraging her to do horses so she said maybe she could do both. Ambition!

 What is your favorite animal? The pigs!

 As the sun was setting, we let the kids enjoy a few rides.

 Morgan and Zane rode the roller coaster together. Then Morgan picked the parachute ride with her friend and Zane found one that he could do by himself.
You have to ride the ferris wheel at the fair! (Except for me. Even this ride makes me sick now.) The kids were so excited to ride with their dad.

Hooray for a night at the fair!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quilt a Little JOY

In between all of our adventures, I managed to put together two baby quilts. I have not made a quilt since I was pregnant with Morgan. (And that one is in a box still not finished.)

I thought, how hard can it be... cut out some pieces and stitch some straight seems. And a baby size shouldn't take long. I even had a friend use her quilting tools to cut the strips for one of the quilts. 

I learned two things - I'm not so good at stitching straight seems and even a baby quilt takes time.

 First, a stripey quilt for a special baby boy. This one I machine quilted.

Next, one that could be for a boy or a girl. This one was a little more of a challenge but so worth it!

I might even try to make another one, someday.

Independence Day Joy

 Morgan and Zane made some 4th of July flowers! Zane liked polka-dots and Morgan liked the tie-dye look. (These were so simple to make using coffee filters and colored water.)

 Our town does the fireworks on the 3rd and we actually drove in so we could watch them this year. We had a code red alert thunderstorm just a few hours before the show was to begin. With our extreme fire danger, I was glad we got so much rain in a short amount of time. (I thought we would need a boat to get into town but the dry, thirsty ground soaked up the water quickly.)

 I discovered that my camera had a fireworks setting. Who knew! It was fun to play with and I actually captured a few of the bright flashes. The kids wanted a video so we could hear the BOOMS too. Hummm... Maybe next time.

 On the 4th, we headed over to a little town nearby to meet up with some friends. 
We watched the parade...

 Gathered lots of candy!

And then went to the park for a BBQ and free train rides. 

It quickly reached over 100 degrees and I was fading fast. We devoured snow cones, and popsicles, and slushies, and LOTS of water and I still felt like I was about to pass out. We headed home.

After a relaxing BBQ, the kids informed me this was the best day ever. 

I am so thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country!