Tuesday, August 25, 2009

“I am so BIG!”

(WARNING: This is, once again, a very long post. I can’t help it!)

This weekend Morgan and I were discussing her first day of school and how first grade is different from kindergarten. I explained that she would be at school all day and would finally be able to eat lunch at school. I then told her that the bus driver wouldn’t make her wait on the bus for me to come down the road - that she was big enough to walk with all the other kids. She got very excited and her face lit up as she exclaimed,
“Oh, I am so big!”

Saturday was officially Morgan’s 6th birthday. We have been celebrating all month but she still wondered about her party. I had to explain several times that there would be no party this year on her birthday and she was still confused as to why we had not given cards to all of her friends telling them to come over.

She had already opened most of her presents, had a party with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Rick, and had bought a new pet shop playground with her birthday money from grandparents so, there wasn’t much left to do on her birthday. I finally admitted that I had one more present for her. When her friend came over with a gift I gave in and let her open the last two presents.

I thought Ashton’s shirt was cute when she came in our house but I never guessed there was a matching shirt in the gift bag. Morgan was thrilled and quickly put the shirt on. They are so cute!
Then I brought out the big box from my bedroom. Anxiously they all tore into it, trying to guess what it could be. (I didn’t wrap any of the gifts this year unless you count cardboard and plastic.)

“A tent!”

Morgan is always asking me to help her build a tent in the living room. Sometimes she would just sit under the large sheet draped over chairs and watch a movie. Then, Zane would come crashing through and we would have to build again.

The new tent doesn’t fall flat when Zane bulldozes through and it has a really cool tunnel too. The kids played in it all afternoon and Morgan insisted she was going to sleep in it. It’s just right for two!

Happy Birthday Morgan! You are so big!

Then Monday was the first day of school.

We have new clothes. . .

new school supplies in the backpack. . .

and COOL new shoes! It must be time for school.

I took Morgan to her first grade classroom, pried her off of my leg, reassured her that all would be well, and then hurried out to the hall so she wouldn’t see the tears in my eyes. Why is it still so hard to leave her? Brittany is the one I should really be worried about. (There are vicious wolves at the high school.) She is the one I should be crying for. I just hurried into the high school parking lot and asked which door she wanted to be dropped off at. I guess after all these years of seeing my prayers for her safety answered I don’t worry so much about her. (And I have equipped her with some mighty weapons to fight off those wolves. She is not one to be reckoned with.) She was also running late so I didn’t get any pictures of her. I will catch her though!

The kids just keep growing older and getting bigger. I guess there comes a time when all you can do is pray for them. Pray that they will do what is right even when you are not there to remind them. Pray that they will do some good in the world. And pray that they will return safely home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Are We There Yet?!

I was up at 5am packing and cleaning the house. At 9am we were finally loaded in the car and ready to spend a week at Grandma and Grandpa’s. The kids were too excited to sleep much but I managed to keep them entertained with books and movies and food. Every mountain we saw Morgan and Zane asked if that was where Grandma lived.

We took a break in Boise to visit the mall. It was better than an amusement park!
Morgan and Zane loved riding on the escalators. . .

Brittany loved the clothes.

Then over the river and through the woods we found Grandma’s house at last. We had a great time visiting our family and friends. We even had a birthday party with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Rick. And we spent a day with my two friends from high school and their kids. It was like a never ending slumber party.

(Zane always wakes up before me.)

Grandpa got a new clock since we were there last. It chimes every 15 minutes starting at 6am. So, we didn’t really sleep in.

We found a bunch of Berries in the mountains – huckleberries. Morgan and Zane had never picked huckleberries before and they both decided it was good fun.

I think Zane ate more than he put in the bucket.

Morgan and Brittany also ate their fair share.

After a picnic dinner, we enjoyed the sunset on the way down the mountain.

Brittany kept in touch with her friends while we were gone thanks to Grandpa’s computer.

Morgan loved playing with all her cousins and especially liked playing Polly Pockets with Katie and Brinley.
Morgan also got her toenails painted. (Thank you Brenell.)

Zane loved playing with the cousins as well. Him and Corbin enjoyed building with Legos and telling each other knock-knock jokes. (They made up names and really cracked each other up!)

We were excited to go to church with Grandma and Grandpa, even though it meant getting up early. (Side note: Brittany convinced Morgan to let Grandma cut her bangs while we were there.)

We bought school supplies and school clothes.

I think Zane got a little tired of the shopping.

And then it was time to pack up and go home. Here we are all ready for the long drive.

It was a fabulous trip with only minor injuries. Brittany and I even made it to Nell’s for some drinks and curly fries. I wish we had more time to see everyone but we had to get home and get ready for school.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting us stay at your house!


Morgan has been anxious for a sleepover. Scott leaves for work at 5am and is always concerned about getting enough sleep. Finally I told Morgan when her dad was gone maybe we could do something. And she remembered.

Scott had to fly to Denver for a conference and Morgan started begging again. So we set up the tent in the front yard and Ashton came for a sleepover.

They loved the tent , until it was bedtime. Suddenly they were afraid to sleep by themselves. We read stories until we were all yawning and couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer. Then I tucked them in again and they were asleep.

I heard the girls at 7am and went to check on them.

They were off riding their bikes and ready for the day.
When the tent was put away Morgan asked if we could do it all again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Baby is 3 Today!

Every other day for two weeks Zane has shouted out, more than once, “Today is my birthday!” Today it finally is. He wanted to be 21 but I convinced him that 3 is better.

We started celebrating Zane’s birthday at the beginning of the month by getting him a new bike. He just couldn’t keep up with Morgan on his trike and it was so sad to hear him yelling “Wait d’me Mogan! Wait d’me!”

We found this little bike and it was perfect. Luckily, his friend Kevin also got a new bike so he has someone to ride with. And he can almost keep up with the big kids.

Scott flew to Denver on Monday so we had a little birthday celebration on Sunday. Zane wanted a rainbow cake. I frosted it with blue frosting to make it manlier.

I thought it turned out pretty good. (Even though I mixed up the red and orange. And yes I know I am missing some colors. I just did not have the patience that day to do them all.)

Then today we had our Primary activity. The kids played in the water, ate sandwiches and had tons of fun!

It’s hard to believe we were bringing him home from the hospital just three years ago. It’s also hard to believe he was such a chunky baby. He moves too fast now and the chubby doesn’t stick.

Zane is a ray of sunshine in our home, except in the morning before his chocolate milk, and we love him dearly. He completes our family!

I think we will just keep celebrating!


Friday Brittany came home from work with a borrowed stick horse. She was afraid my horse was not going to be fast enough. Morgan named the horse Hamster – it kind of looks like one. ( I still think my stick horse would have been faster.)
It was a cold evening with 30 mph wind gusts. The dust stung our eyes and the grit stuck in our teeth. Morgan was ready for the competition and determined to run. She would not even be bribed to leave the arena for a milkshake.

Morgan ran the barrel race and actually remembered the correct pattern.

She came in third place for her age group and got a gold medal.

Then she pulled the ribbon from the goat’s tail and did a great job – no fear at all. Due to technical difficulties she did not place in this even but she still got a blue ribbon.

She was so proud of herself and is anxious to be in the rodeo next year. She asked her dad if she can ride a real horse then. Hummm . . . we will see.

[A side note about Morgan’s hair – After her cousin Allie came to visit she asked me to cut her bangs off so she would look like her. Then after her cousin Lex came to visit she was determined to get rid of the bangs. I am still trying to convince her that you don’t just cut them off. So, we are starting the long, painful, enduring process of growing the bangs out. I don’t know if we will make it.]

Recycled Stick Horse

My little cowpokes needed a stick horse for the Tiny Tots Rodeo. I have seen really cute horses made from a sock and a broom stick so I decided to give it a try. (Brittany laughed at me when I said I was going to make a stick horse – she should know better by now.)

I found the broken broom handle by the burn barrel. (Scott tried to burn it but it didn’t go so well.) After cutting off the black end it was the perfect length. Next I needed a sock. . .

I found a really cool pair of socks in my husband’s drawer. He only wears them in the winter so I know he won’t even notice a pair missing. (And I know what Santa is brining him for Christmas.)

Brittany has been cleaning out her bedroom and came across a small pillow that I had made back in the 90’s. It’s not really that old but it’s not my style anymore so I ripped it open and took the stuffing out to stuff my sock with.

Finally, I dug through my craft box and found some buttons, yarn, and black felt.
Voila – the perfect stick horse!

Okay. So, the ears are a little too big and it kind of looks like a donkey but I think it is cute and the kids LOVE it. Zane named it Eeyore. (Scott thought it was a zebra and asked when he would get his sock back – ha ha.)

Morgan took it for a trot around the yard and it seems to work great.

Yep, I am sooo crafty!

Monday, August 3, 2009

{Catching Up}

Here are a few highlights from last week. . .

We used sod to decorate our float for the Pioneer Celebration parade last weekend and I couldn’t stand to see that good grass go to waste. So, after the parade our wonderful neighbor parked the trailer in our driveway. Scott and I spent the rest of the afternoon rolling out the sod to fill in the large dirt patch in front of our house. After keeping it wet for a week it is starting to look good. Thank you John!

On Monday we had our weekly swim lesson and then a birthday party for Kaylee at the pool. Morgan is overcoming her fear of the water and actually jumped from the diving board. She also jumped from the slide. (She slowed herself with her feet and when she came to the end she stood up and jumped. I guess she needs to feel in control.) I didn’t get any pictures ‘cause I was swimming too and the camera must be put away when I am in my swimsuit.

On Thursday, my cousin Dawn and her kids stopped on their way to Yellowstone. When they left the next morning, Morgan cried because she wanted to play with her cousins longer. That broke my heart. The kids had so much fun together. (Sorry we broke your no trampoline rule, Dawn.)

Morgan quickly stopped crying on Friday to get ready for another birthday party. The new girl in her Primary class “is six already!” This also led to a discussion about whether or not Sierra would be going to school first. Morgan doesn’t understand that everyone starts on the same day, which just happens to be the Monday after her birthday.
We managed to squeeze some FUN into our busy schedule as well. Brittany is working more hours so we didn't see her much last week.

And check out Zane’s “big boy pants” that are not panties. Yes, he decided it would be okay to use the potty. No more diapers for him!