Friday, January 28, 2011

How sick are you?

How do you know when to take your kids to the doctor?

I wish my kids had the little pop-up timer thing that you find in a frozen turkey. When their sickness reached a level that warranted a trip to the doctor the little red button would pop-up to let me know. The doctor could then reset it for next time.
Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

So many times I have thought, "It's just a virus. Nothing can be done. I'll keep them as comfortable as possible and give them extra snuggles and they will be fine." Only to then take them to the doctor a few days later and find eardrums about to rupture and rashes that have become staph infection. I feel awful!

So many times I have taken the kids to the doctor to receive that LOOK as the doctor tells me it's just a virus and it will soon pass. The LOOK that tells me I am an over-protective mother and need to relax. And then there is the "sympathy" prescription cough medicine that really doesn't work any better than anything else.

So, Morgan's hernia has been bothering her since December 16th. It usually only sticks out for a few days and then disappears. We went to the doctor and got prescription laxatives, hoping it would be gone within a few weeks. (We are approaching the end of those few weeks and it has not disappeared.)

Today she came home from school with a fever. Is she simply getting the cold that I had last week or is it related to the hernia? Do I freak out and rush her to the doctor, demanding an ultra-sound, or do I fill her full of fluids and children's motrin and call it a cold?

And, of course, it's Friday.
Why do kids always get sick on Friday?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{ Brit & Levi }

This is the slide show I made for the reception.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Merry Christmas 2010}

I was hesitant to post Christmas pictures because it is now the MIDDLE of January. Then I saw that another friend just posted her Christmas day so it must be okay. (Thanks Sarah!)

Scott had to work, of course, and I am not a morning person if I don't have to be. We voted and then I put my foot down - we waited until Dad came home at 11:00 instead of getting up at 4:30. The kids did pretty good. Zane only opened one present while I was in the shower and Morgan promptly told on him.

I did let them play with their stockings while they waited. Who knew that silly putty would still be a kid favorite. My kids were even more amazed when I told them I loved it when I was a kid. Morgan said, "Wow! This stuff is really old!"

Zane's favorite gift was his train. He spent the rest of the afternoon setting it up and driving it. Spiderman, on his four-wheeler, crashed the train bridge and that made it even more fun.

Morgan LOVED her keyboard. She wants to play the piano like Brittany. She doesn't have the natural talent (it's going to take more than 6 lessons) but she is eager to learn. I figure I'll teach her what I know and then pass her off to a more competent teacher. I love the sound of practicing piano. I've missed having that in my home.

Yep, no pictures of Brit this year. They celebrated with his parents. I guess I have to get used to that... We work so hard to help them grow up to be responsible adults and then hate to see them go out on their own.
But, it's a good thing.

It really was a wonderful, relaxing day! Merry Christmas!

The Event of the Year {December 18th}

(I know I'm a little behind on posting. Life happens!)

Mr. & Mrs. Nutt

(We kept the homemade decorations to a minimum.)

(And we found an awesome rental place where we were able to rent most everything we needed. Brit borrowed a few things from a friend and we added some extra tulle and lights. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you Country Creations and everyone who helped put it all together!)

The Logan temple was wonderful! It was cold and snowy but we were thankful the wind wasn't blowing.
They are the cutest couple!

(At the temple, as we were waiting in the foyer,
one of the workers said, "We have a
Nutt marrying a Berry. That's great!"
Made me laugh.)

(Edith did a fantastic job on the cake.
It was too pretty to eat.)

(Cheesecake and cream puffs and
homemade mints, oh my!)

(Zane was excited to get a flower on his vest,
just like the big guys.)

(She says she was asking for ONE candy. Hee Hee.)

We are so grateful that so many of our friends and family braved the storms and made the journey to celebrate this day with us. Brittany was worried the snow would keep people home. But they came. The came from Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Georgia, and Nebraska too.

It was a long, exhausting, wonderful day!