Saturday, August 24, 2013


August is birthday month at our house. 
We start celebrating early and party all month long!

Brittany & Levi and Rick & Sharon came early in the month. We had a fun party weekend with them which included a day of shopping and two yummy cakes.

Zane wanted cupcakes, Spiderman cupcakes, on his birthday. The neighbor kids joined us for cake and presents. He was in heaven!

Morgan was thankful to celebrate her birthday this year before school started. She wanted watermelon for her birthday so I tried to turn it into a cake. She loved it! And since she is now double digits she got one candle. She thought that was pretty silly. (I actually couldn't find any more candles in the house. Too many parties!)

We also celebrated another weekend with Brit & Levi. (I told you it was a month long celebration.) The kids had so much fun at the farm in Arbon!

And it just wouldn't be a celebration with out some shooting practice. The kids had to show off their skills for Rick & Sharon.

Happy Birthday!