Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What are we going to do to CeLeBraTe?

Friday, Morgan’s teacher taught her class about Martin Luther King, Jr. After school she showed me the little book she made and shared some facts with me. Then she exclaimed, “It’s his Birthday too, Mom!”

Sunday night, as we were getting ready for bed Morgan asked if tomorrow would be a school day. I reminded her that because of Martin Luther King’s birthday there would be no school on Monday. Her eyes lit up as she remembered that important fact and then she asked what we were going to do to celebrate. I was just looking forward to sleeping in and hadn’t thought about a celebration. I quickly told her we would make cupcakes and she could help me decorate them.

All day yesterday Morgan reminded me that we were supposed to make cupcakes. I finally got them baked and for Family Home Evening we frosted cupcakes to celebrate the day.

(You will notice that Scott and Brittany only participated in the eating of the cupcakes.)

On this historical inauguration day it is interesting to look back on the history of this nation. The very spot at our nation’s capital where slaves once stood to be sold, people from all over the country have gathered to witness the swearing in of our first black president. Change is inevitable and some things definitely need to change. I am trying to look forward with hope.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sooo Sneaky!

While working on the computer, I hear Morgan telling Zane to get his coat and find his boots. She had just gotten out her Chutes & Ladders game so I was curious to find out why he needed his coat to play the game. Then I hear her say, “Daddy needs your help outside and it is going to be cold. You better get your winter hat too.”

This is what I found.

After getting him all bundled up, she pushed him out into the garage / soon-to-be-family-room and quickly shut the door behind him. Then she hurried off to set up her game. Unfortunately, Zane did not stay outside very long. Just as she got the figures on the board he came running back in saying it was too cold outside. (Probably a subliminal message from his Dad who didn’t want his help either.)

Now they are all outside and the house is so quiet.
I am off to work again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

{Ahh Christmas!}

My Christmas tree is still up so I decided that it would be okay to share some of our Christmas pictures.

Scott’s family had the tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve. I have finally given in and we now let the kids choose one of the presents under the tree to open. Santa brings the rest of the gifts after they go to bed.

Scott always has to work on Christmas so we have gotten into the habit of sleeping in and opening presents when we comes home. But not this year! Scott got us up at 6am to open presents before he left. (Except I would not let him wake up Zane.)

Morgan, being the expert, helped Zane with his gifts when he woke up. We tried to save a few so Dad could see him open some but he was on the last one when Scott walked in the door.

We were supposed to go sledding with the neighbors but the storm would not stop. We decided it was more fun to stay indoors and enjoy some of the movies that Santa brought on the new TV that we had to get. (When the TV died I really did not want to replace it but we have too many movies that the kids like.) Later that day, we did brave the wind to go across the street for dinner and games with the neighbors.

Okay, Christmas now has closure. I think I will take my tree down. . . tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Modern Technology

I have decided that I am too dependent on modern technology. But what can I do about it? The last several weeks have been full of hard lessons and humbling experiences, which have made me even more grateful for many of our modern conveniences that I often take for granted. For example . . .

I was so thrilled to finally have high-speed internet. Then the wind promptly blew my antenna off course. Because of the holidays we suffered for over a week with NO internet.

And you all remember my recent experience with the entire computer crashing. I have been backing up everything and printing documents that I need to keep forever instead of just relying on my computer to hold it all.

Even beyond the computer, these past two weeks I have been especially thankful for things like my car to get me safely to where I am going and home again, an alarm clock to make sure I get up on time, a CD player that allows me to listen to the wonderful music I love (like Jim Brickman), a microwave oven to cook with, and a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the crumbs. I think I have been most thankful for a furnace to keep my family warm as the icy winds blow outside.

There is so much more but I will stop there. However, I am thankful for the humbling experiences that help me remember all that I have to be thankful for. I am most grateful for my family and friends. You all make the JOURNEY more enjoyable!