Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Grade Field Trip

I think all of my kids have been on a field trip to the fire station, in first grade. And this is at all different schools. Is that a standard for first grade?

I love living in a small community where we can walk for field trips. (I am not a fan of riding on school buses.) We walked to the post office first. The kids were assigned a "secret" friend in their class and wrote them a letter. So, the first stop was to mail those letters. Then we walked around the corner to the fire station. Our wonderful fire chief explained all the tools and how the firemen do their job.

After they showed the kids all the stuff they asked if anyone had questions. Some of the questions were funny but one little girl asked what to do if her pajamas catch on fire. My wonderful son shouts out for all to hear, "STOP, DROP AND ROLL!" 

After the fire station, we walked to the park for lunch. It was a beautiful day!

Friday, May 16, 2014

America's Hope

The fifth graders learned all about the United States this year. Then they shared what they learned, in song. They sang about states and capitals. They sang about how the government is set up. They sang about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They sang their hearts out!

They were amazing!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Fever

We've had a few days of sunshine which makes us anxious for SUMMER!

Scott and the kids bought me some pansies for Mother's Day. I planted them in my yellow stacking pots that I moved to the back yard. Now I can enjoy them from the patio.

Last summer my mom gave me some hens to transplant. They survived the long drive from Oregon and some of them are loving their new home. Check out all those chicks!

I'm also trying to get a jump start on the garden. Last year I waited so long and it was hot just as our peas were trying to ripen. Maybe we'll get a few more peas this year. And maybe our pumpkins will turn orange before Halloween.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 Who do we appreciate?

I have had the amazing opportunity of working with a fabulous first grade teacher this year! I have been helping Zane's class during reading time and absolutely was thrilled with the progress the kids made. Most of the time I worked with the kids who were struggling and needed more one on one help. (Which means I didn't get to work with Zane very much. He still gave me hugs, though.) It was great to see them learn to read actual books!

For Teacher Appreciation Week, I surprised Mrs. Johnston with a fingerprint tree that I made with the kids. I snuck in on a day when she had a substitute and got all of the kids fingerprints. Not one of them told her I had been there and she was truly surprised. Awesome!

I also helped Morgan and Zane make a little gift for their teachers. We were so blessed to have such great teachers this year.

But, as great as it has been, we are even more excited to only have three weeks of school left. One last book report. We can make it!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mountain Air

Scott has been anxious to go on an adventure in the mountains. Amazingly, I think we were the only ones up there. It was a bit windy and there was still snow on the ground and we couldn't go very far but we managed to find a spot to build a fire and roast hot dogs for dinner.

 We found some monkeys in the trees.

And we found a stream to throw rocks in.

But most importantly, we found signs of spring.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hats Off to Women

 We had a wonderful Relief Society Activity. I'm glad I snapped a few pictures when we were setting up because there was no time during the evening. I taught two crafts (stamped tile coasters and note holders) and my friend taught the ladies how to make a beautiful Mother's Day card. I had LOTS of helpers putting together a great evening!

We started the evening with an empowering presentation on the important role women play in Heavenly Father's plan. Sister Martinez shared President Uchtdorf's September 2009 message on the influence of righteous women and reminded us all how amazing we are.

Then we spent the night making crafts and eating delicious food and building friendships. We had a great turn out and even a few from the Spanish branch came. I feel so blessed to work with such wonderful sisters!