Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hidey-Ho Neighbor

My kids LOVE animals! Morgan has wanted a brood of chickens since she was about 4 years old. Last year, she thought she had figured out how to keep a few as pets, in her bedroom. We've just never been in a place where it was feasible to have chickens.

Our neighbors have quite the barnyard! We were thrilled when they called and asked if we could care for the animals while they were gone for four whole days. 


They not only have chickens but also rabbits, goats, dogs, and two very pregnant cats. The kids were in HEAVEN! I think they would have liked to camp in the barn every night. The kids were eager to check the hen's nest every evening to see how many eggs were there. 
It was better than Easter morning!

It was great exercise walking down the hill to their home twice a day. And even I enjoyed puttering around the barnyard, conversing with the animals.

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