Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

When I sprained my ankle last summer, I thought I would have all this time to post all of these wonderful things on my blog. But I found other things to do instead. When I was sitting inside, I would work on family history. When I hobbled outside, I would sit and play catch and help design relay races for my kids. When I felt real adventurous, I took them to the lake where I could sit and watch them play in the water. There was no way I was going to let an injury stop all the summer fun!

In addition to gymnastics, Morgan participated in the Summer Exploration event at the middle school and Zane played baseball. Morgan had a little whiplash from a fall when we were in Oregon so we also had regular visits to the chiropractor to treat her injury. (We all need bubble wrap!)

 The kids wanted to celebrate their birthdays at the Oregon Coast so we made another trip to Oregon. We had a great time at the ocean and Morgan decided she would like to live there and eat shrimp kabobs every day. We visited the aquarium, the science center, and an old light house. The kids loved exploring the beach and walking in the historic downtown of Newport the best. We also stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory to see how cheese was made. Yummy!

We went to a little family reunion and got to see relatives on my mom's side that we haven't seen in a long time. We also got to see my grandma one last time. We were even able to make a third trip to Oregon to attend grandma's funeral and see even more relatives. Summer was full of activities!

Zane had his eighth birthday which means we also had a baptism in September. It was great to have family travel to be with us, especially my parents who came all the way from Oregon. 
We had a wonderful weekend celebrating!

Summer ended and the kids went back to school, Zane started 2nd grade and Morgan started 6th grade at the middle school. Scott had a couple job interviews and I began packing boxes. In October, Scott accepted a new job and we moved to Idaho Falls. Fortunately, it was not too far away and it was still in Idaho and still close to Brittany and Levi.

Morgan is able to continue her therapies with the therapists that she knows and loves. She is also able to continue gymnastics at the same gym and with her favorite coach. However, the kids did have to change schools and Morgan went back to elementary school for 6th grade. She was bummed but it has been the best for her.

In November, Brit and Levi blessed us with our first grandson. He was born a few weeks early and had to spend a week in NICU but he is a trooper. He is the sweetest little thing you ever did see! 
Isn't it amazing that our hearts never run out of love?!

And before I knew it, Christmas had come and the year was over. 
Just like that!

With IEP meetings, and therapies, and sports, and activities, and my husband traveling for work, and a new grandson to snuggle it seems we are always running and I never take the time to sit and write. 
I will try to do better. 

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