Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Adventures Begin

Our summer is off to a busy start! We were fortunate enough to get into the first session of swim lessons. Even though we've only had a couple cold windy mornings, we're grateful to have an indoor swimming pool. The kids have done great! My only expectation was for them to build up some confidence and overcome a fear of the water. They are both swimming! They're not quite ready for the swim team but they are moving forward in the water, with purpose. Success!

(That's Zane, swimming with his face in the water, next to the swim coach.)

Last weekend Scott and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been that long! Scott was actually able to get the weekend off so we left the little ones with Brit and headed to Utah. (Morgan's first sleepover without me! She only got two canker sores and she slept good.)  

Scott was anxious to visit Smith and Edwards and then we made a stop at the Logan temple. The temple was busy with weddings and it was exciting to see families gathered, waiting for their brides and grooms to appear. We each ate our weight in Mexican food and managed to eat some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream as well. Then we went into food comas. Luckily we had a super comfy bed to sleep in. The next day we drove to Bear Lake and took the scenic route back to Idaho. Who knew there was a Paris, Idaho?

(Paris Tabernacle-

When we returned home Sunday evening, it seemed that our old dog, Tucker, was having a great deal of difficulty walking. Monday morning he appeared to be doing better and was on the porch as we left for swim lessons. He even joined us for a pizza picnic in the yard that afternoon. He's had a hard time getting around since he retired a few years ago, but on good days he loves to explore the yard and pasture or just follow the kids on their bikes.

Tuesday, Tucker was on the porch when we left for swimming, sprawled out in a patch of sunshine. He wasn't on the porch when we came home. Not too unusual. We weren't home long and then left again and we were gone most of the afternoon. When we returned for dinner, I saw Tucker in the yard and thought he must be feeling pretty good. Then I noticed he seemed to be struggling to walk again. 

We hurried and ate dinner and then took Morgan to the church for her activity. Tucker was still in the yard when Zane and I returned home and I wondered if he had been on the porch since morning. I walked up to him and he collapsed at my feet. Zane hurried and got his water bowl and I helped Tucker drink. He guzzled three bowls of water which confirmed my suspicion that he hadn't been able to get up on the porch.

Tucker was finally able to stand up and I guided/drug him to the trailer where he sleeps at night. He again collapsed in his bed, on his head. He weighs more than my children but I managed to get him straightened out and tried to make him comfortable. What to do?

We picked up Morgan and I was getting the kids ready for bed when Scott called. (He was moving cows in Montana and still on the road, four hours away.) I told him what was going on and he didn't know what to do either. Once everyone was tucked in, I crawled into bed, exhausted, to wait for Scott. I fell asleep around midnight and barely remember him coming in about 2:30. (22 hour work days really stink!)

After breakfast I made Scott come to the trailer with me. Tucker was barely able to lift his head and having difficulty breathing. Scott called the vet that comes to the ranch but he wouldn't be out for a few days. Too long to wait. I found another vet nearby and helped Scott wrap and load Tucker into the back of the truck.

And then I got the kids and we were off for swim lessons and scout activities and speech therapy and all the adventures of the day. But when we returned home, our fluffy door mat wasn't there to great us and wag his tail.
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